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Wellington Record – March 2017

We have been challenged by Alistair over the past few months to develop as a ‘Close to Home’ congregation. While it is easy to consider ourselves as part of our own family, we must also appreciate the bigger family to which we belong. That of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. God has made promises that He will be faithful to us, promises that He will be our God and that we will be His people. We must realise the depth of the meaning of this. As brothers and sisters in Christ, part of His family on earth, we must learn to love each other as Jesus loved us. We are to be content in every circumstance and realise we have each been placed exactly where He wants us to be. In His plan all are equal, even though we may be quite diverse in many ways. Let us, then, develop a nature aimed at encouraging, nurturing and building each other up. Always remembering that He dwells among us and that we are part of His people.


Some contributors to this magazine have openly discussed very personal issues in their lives. We thank them for their willingness to share so candidly with us. As a ‘Close to Home’ congregation our responsibility is to stand with them, offer our support and show our love, understanding and care.


Mervyn Orr

Editor, Wellington Record