Our Purpose
We are here to worship God. He asks this of us: “Worship the Lord your God, and Him alone” (Mat 4:10 TM). But our worship is more than obedience – it’s a joyful expression of our love.
We believe that God calls and equips every Christian to “minister” to those in need. So in church and in the community we reflect this servant spirit.
Telling Others
We want to share Christ in the community and the wider world. We do this in church, but also as our members share their story through the way they live and by what they say.
God doesn’t want us to be alone, but members of His family supporting one another. Through a wide range of activities we try to foster deep and trusting friendships.
Each of us should be growing towards Christian maturity becoming more like Jesus Christ. God’s Word, the Bible, is central in our teaching and our church activities reflect this.
Wellington Presbyterian Church
28 Sourhill Road
BT42 2NB

T: 028 2564 7185

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