Welcome to the Christmas edition of our church magazine.

Over the past weeks I have been impressed by the skill and dedication of those who work in the medical profession. Having witnessed the workings of an Emergency Department, a Fractures Clinic, X-ray Departments, a Day Surgery Unit, an Operating Theatre (I don’t remember a lot about it!) and finally a Wrist Clinic. I was overwhelmed by the concern, care and attention I received. These workers spend long hours, meeting patients with conditions that range from fairly minor to those that are life changing and life threatening. But they always manage to act professionally, treating everyone with respect, dignity and even a degree of sympathy.
As I considered the dedication each had shown to their chosen profession and then started, rather painfully at times, to put together this magazine I was struck by the dedication and devotion of so many of our members in Wellington as they serve God. People who put Jesus first in their lives and themselves second.
I believe you will be challenged as you read these pages and I wonder will you consider where Jesus is in your life. Nigel Whann on page 23 says, ’The challenge each of us should consider is are we content to be merely consumers or are we willing to step forward and help’.
Are you a consumer or a helper??
May the peace and joy of Christmas live in your heart all year long.

Mervyn Orr, Editor

Wellington Record December 2018