Our weekly prayer time is going to look a little bit different throughout July and August. Each week, we’re going to see some familiar faces from our church family who have taken a little bit of time to record a video for us – sharing some of their stories, and inviting us to join with them in prayer.

We’re really thankful this week for Andrew and Sophie who are going to tell us a little bit about their time on mission with Exodus and Porstewart CSSM this summer. Let’s join with Andrew and Sophie in praying for –

– Urban Soul and the Barnardos Centre in Dublin that Andrew and his team had the opportunity to partner with.
– The different people that Andrew’s Exodus team met and shared the good news of Jesus with.
– The important friendships that formed on that Exodus team.

– All of the different children and young people who Sophie and the whole Portstewart CSSM team got to spend time with this year.
– God to continue working powerfully in the lives of all of those children.
– The other Scripture Union teams and camps this summer, many of whom are still looking for a few extra helping hands and trying to navigate changing restrictions.

Thanks again to Andrew and Sophie for sharing, and thank you for joining us in praying for these two amazing people, their teams and all of the wonderful work that they’ve been a part of.