Leviticus Summer Reading Plan

Intro Video

Step 1

Before you begin take time to watch a short video by the Bible Project which will help you understand the big picture of Leviticus. You can watch the video using this link : Bible Project | Leviticus | Video

Alternatively you can read a transcript at Bible Project | Leviticus | Guide

Step 2

Once you feel you understand the overarching idea of Leviticus, you are ready to start reading. Below is a reading plan which will help you make your way through Leviticus over the coming weeks. As well as the readings there are some helpful questions to think about. Why not get a note book and write down some answers to the questions as you go?

Step 3

We have put together a Spotify playlist of songs that we hope will encourage and bless you as you read through Leviticus this summer. Why not take some time each day to listen to one or two songs and allow the words to minister to you. You can find the Spotify playlist below:

Summer in Leviticus Playlist on Spotify