Prayer Time Video – Tuesday 7th July

In today’s prayer video, Sophie reminds us to look for God in every situation, to notice the ways in which we have been blessed, and to remember those who are in need.

Prayer Time Video – Monday 6th July

In this evening’s prayer video, Ben McKendry reflects on the reality that even though many camps and missions are unable to run this summer, God still calls each of us to share the good news with those around us.

Prayer Time Video – Sunday 5th July

In tonight’s prayer video, Eleanor shares Psalm 150 with us and encourages us to continue to pray and give thanks to God as we move into a brand new week.

Prayer Time Video – Friday 3rd July

In this evening’s prayer time, Ashley Shaw tells us a little bit about The Net youth club and encourages to pray particularly for all the young people who would normally be coming along.

Prayer Time Video – Thursday 2nd July

In tonight’s prayer video, Gillian McQuillan shares with us about the work of the Stauros Foundation – an evangelistic agency that works alongside vulnerable people who have been touched by addiction.

Prayer Time Video – Sunday 28th June

Tonight Robert Acheson offers a word of encouragement for those in the valley based on Psalm 23 and how Paul found God’s Grace and Power to be sufficient in the midst of his weakness. 

Prayer Time Video – Saturday 27th June

In tonight’s prayer video, Laura Mark encourages us not to lose our hope and joy in the midst of fear and anxiety.
Laura mentions a song called “Still In Control” by Mack Brock. You can watch this in the following link :-