Prayer Time Video – Monday 22nd June

In this evening’s prayer video, Sarah reminds us that even though this is a real time of uncertainty, we can hand our concerns and worries over to God.

Prayer Time Video – Saturday 20th June

In tonight’s prayer video, Ben Davison shares with us from Romans 8 and reminds us that even though our world is ever-changing, God’s love never changes.

Prayer Time Video – Friday 19th June

In tonight’s video, Lorraine Woods asks us to think about how God encourages innovation, and give thanks for the very many things that have helped us to cope with this different season.

Prayer Time Video – Thursday 18th June

In this evening’s prayer video, John Goodrich shares with us about the COVID response in the NHS, and leaves us with a few prayer points for both staff and patients within healthcare at the moment.

Prayer Time Video – 16th June

Steve reminds us, that helps is always at hand for parents and the self employed, seeking reassurance and direction.

Prayer Time Video – 15th June

Tonight Lorna Stevens will lead our prayer time. Lorna is a nurse currently working for the Northern Ireland Hospice. Lorna is involved in the Help Cancer Group and The PW in our Church.