Summer Prayer – 25 August 2021

Each Wednesday night throughout the summer, we have the pleasure of hearing from some of our church family who have taken the time to record a video for us – sharing some stories, and inviting us to join with them in prayer.

This week, it’s wonderful to hear from Victor McAfee who has gathered together news clips, messages, and interviews to inspire us to join together in –

  • Giving thanks for how God answers prayer.
  • Giving thanks for what we’ve seen God doing locally.
  • Praying for our government.
  • Praying into the crisis in Afghanistan.

Summer Prayer – 18 August 2021

Each Wednesday night throughout the summer, we have the pleasure of hearing from some of our church family who have taken the time to record a video for us – sharing their stories, and inviting us to join with them in prayer.

This week, it’s lovely to hear from Alistair as he shares some things that we should be thankful for and encourages us to join with and uphold our church leadership in praying – 

  • With thanksgiving that we can meet together as a church family to worship our great God, and grow together in our knowledge and love of Him.
  • For our Kirk Session as they continue in their journeys as followers of Jesus, guarding their hearts and minds as they serve.  Let’s pray for our elders and for the pastoral team as, gradually, they are allowed to return to visiting people in their homes.
  • For our leaders as they consider how we, as a church family grow in our engagement with God and one another, seek to nurture and disciple one another, and develop our passion and heart for mission and evangelism.
  • For those who have so tirelessly helped our church to navigate the changing regulations during this pandemic.  Let’s pray for wisdom for all of those involved in charting a safe and responsible course as legislation continues to change.

Summer Prayer – 13 August 2021

As our summer prayer journey continues, we want to pray for Veronica and Ghassan Haber in Lebanon who sent us an update about the continuing crisis in Lebanon.

“Inflation is out of control, petrol is hard to get, pharmacies and hospitals are short of medicine, electricity supplies are in crisis for hospitals as well as individuals.

There has been little done to help the situation since the explosion in Beirut last August. The temporary government is ineffectual and unpopular and there are often riots. There are many political and religious factions vying for power both inside and outside the country.

The country also hosts more Syrian refugees than any other.”

Veronica and Ghassan

As we join our friends in prayer, let’s pray for –

  • Veronica and Ghassan’s friends who are living daily with petrol, food, medicine and electricity shortages. It is also hot and humid in Bierut at this time of year which difficult in a crowded city where most live in apartment blocks.
  • Health and safety. Veronica has received her first Covid vaccine through the international COVAX scheme.
  • Ghassan’s work. His small car parts business can now open, but with the economic situation, there is little business.
  • Their children’s (Nour, Jeremy and Cristina’s) schooling. This was online all last year and may continue due to a shortage of teachers, many of whom can’t get petrol to travel to school, similarly with pupils.
  • Veronica who is taking part in a Youth for Christ outreach with Syrian teenagers over the summer. Let’s pray that they will be able to get fuel in order to get to the area where it is held.
  • The Bible studies with new groups who are being helped by their church. Ghassan has a particular responsibility for a number of these families.

We also want to join Norman Kennedy in praying for the work of BREAD in Kenya. Let’s support all that this wonderful organisation is doing by praying for –

  • BREAD’s Kenyan workers, Catherine Miriti and Lucy Mukwekamba, as they run BREAD’s projects in Kenya (Evangelism, Water Tanks, Church Planting and Education) and as they interview new students who are preparing for Secondary school and College or University. It can be hard to identify real needs.
  • More funding for Education in Tharaka. When some students were asked if they would like a ‘modern’ block-built house instead of a mud hut they said “no give us funding for education instead!”
  • The Evangelists BREAD supports; Rev Amos Lwaya and Eliphas Gitonga. They have been unable to travel to unreached regions of Kenya due to Covid.
  • The Water Tank project that it would continue to grow and assist Tharaka people in enabling them to catch clean rainwater from their tin roofs.
  • Mikwani Presbyterian Church as they erect a block-built church. Pray that they will, with help from BREAD, be able to raise enough money to put a roof on the building.
  • The BREAD committee in Northern Ireland as they decide which projects to fund. The next meeting of this committee is on 20th September 2021.
  • The donors of BREAD. Let’s pray that they would continue their support of the four projects of BREAD.

Norman’s also asked us to give thanks for –

  • Eliphas Gitonga, BREAD’s Evangelist, who has been able to preach on radio with funding from BREAD.
  • Uturini Presbyterian church which has now been completed and the people are gathering for worship each Sunday.
  • 678 water tanks have been installed so far in Tharaka homes, helping about 7000 people have access to clean water.
  • Those who had water tanks in their homes and were able to wash their hands in clean water which has been especially important throughout the pandemic.
  • Mikwani church which is now being built of stone, a great improvement from the mud walled building that the people were worshipping in previously.
  • The students BREAD supports who are now back at school/university and can continue their education.

Summer Prayer – 11 August 2021

Each Wednesday night this summer, we’re hearing from different people across our church family who have taken the time to record a video for us – sharing their stories, and inviting us to join with them in prayer.

It’s wonderful to be joined this week by Goran and Metka Macura all the way from Slovenia, and by Tim and Lynsey Johnston who would be in Brazil were it not for the ongoing restrictions as a result of the pandemic.

Let’s join Goran and Metka in praying for –

  • The many young people who came along to camps over the summer and especially for parents who are hard-hearted towards to the good news of Jesus.
  • Goran as he pastors, leads and teaches in the church in Domzale. Let’s pray too for more volunteers, particularly those who can help with leading worship and teaching in Sunday school.
  • The whole family as they await the arrival of Timeja’s little baby brother this September.

We also want to support Tim and Lyndsey by praying for –

  • Brazil as a country and especially its leaders as they seek to make wise decisions in a difficult season.
  • The local churches in Brazil as they see and respond the needs around them.
  • Those who have already responded to needs and stepped boldly into gaps.
  • Changing restrictions and open doors that will allow them to return to Brazil swiftly and smoothly.

Summer Prayer – 4 August 2021

Each Wednesday night throughout the summer, we have the pleasure of hearing from some of our church family who have taken the time to record a video for us – sharing their stories, and inviting us to join with them in prayer.

This week, we’re joined by Peter McClelland, our youth worker here in Wellington, and by James Gourley who is currently undertaking a summer internship with International Justice Mission.

We want to join with Peter in giving thanks to God for His goodness and faithfulness to us, so clearly evident in the lives and journeys of many of our young people in Wellington, especially in this last season.  Let’s join Peter in praying for –

  • All of our young people in Wellington and indeed across our town and our land.  It’s certainly been a different and difficult year for them and we want to bring them before our mighty God in prayer.
  • The relationships with young people that Peter and others have been investing in throughout the pandemic and are now re-energising through Summer Groups and our Summer Week.
  • The leaders and volunteers of our Youth Club which hasn’t been able to meet at all over the last year.  Let’s pray for them as they now reestablish those important connections with young people across the town, especially through their activity programme that’s running this week.
  • September and all of the wisdom and guidance that we need as we seek to safely restart some of our youth organisations in the church.

Let’s also give thanks for all of the work that James has been involved in so far and join him in praying for –

  • A smooth move back to England with minimal impact on his working life.
  • IJM’s involvement with many different festivals across the UK.  Let’s pray that the organisation would still be able connect with people and inspire a passion for justice despite so many summer events having to move online.